Friday, February 06, 2009

Visions In Death

I've been waiting to get to this particular book, Visions In Death, for several books now. I knew that the book in which Peabody is attacked and brutally beaten was coming soon but I couldn't exactly remember which one it was. Well, this is it. And what a book it is.

Eve and team are on the hunt for a serial killer who is brutally beating and raping women, then ritually killing them and mutilating them. There are a number of very sad scenes as the relatives, friends, and lovers of victims are notified. In an attempt to catch the killer, Eve has to work with a psychic which as you can imagine, does not start or end well. After predictably trying to incite the killer to attack her, Peabody is badly injured. The scenes with McNab racing to Peabody's side---then the vigil at the hospital are tearjerkers. I kept the Kleenex handy the whole time. The ending is a complete surprise, blindside. I did not see it coming the first time I read the book and I will not spoil that for those who haven't read the book.
Pros of this book--Eve and Roarke are in perfect accord in this book. There are no annoying connections or conflicts of interest. Mavis makes an appearance. Summerset helps out with the case. And Eve finally gets a new vehicle which is brand-new and in perfect condition.
Cons--None. Nada. Zip.
The book from start to finish is great and then two-thirds on--from when Peabody is attacked the book rockets toward a great finish. It's a bit grim but great.
This is a five stars out of five book.

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