Sunday, September 03, 2006

Design Star Finale..or People in Glass Houses....

As anyone who knows me well knows, I am not a good person to be with when I am watching a movie or television show. I catcall. I make snarky remarks. I hoot and hollar. I am so obnoxious that frequently tivo must be employed to rewind just so you can hear what has happened on-screen. It's one of the reason why I seldom go out to movie theaters. Other patrons tend not to enjoy my commentary. If it is funny, I laugh outloud. If it is sad, I sob outloud. I am not subtle. It's part of my charm--or so I have convinced myself. I mention this just so that you know that every single time David appeared shirtless on screen in Design Star I noted it and hooted. I even noted that when he finally put his shirt back on so that he could do his room tour, it took him some minutes to actually button the thing up which left plenty of chest and a six pack exposed. David, I am not voting for your body. Cover up. Whew. I just had to get that off my chest.

In tonight's final episode of Design Star, save the reveal of the winner next week, the nicest and best-looking designers squared off: Alice & David. I happen to think that they were also the most deserving. I certainly will be happy with either one as the winner. I will also watch either in their new show. So how did it go?

Well, the designers had to decorate a glass room from the ground up. David chose to create a Japanese style adult bedroom while Alice created a kid's room. They had 26 hours to complete the challenge and for two days they each had help from Tym and/or Temple. It seemed that the bulk of the challenge was spent shopping from my perspective. Obviously, with glass walls they didn't need to spend time painting and there was very little making it yourself--although David did have Tym build his bed/headboard. There was no mention of the budget so I consider that it was unlimited. They seemed to spend money like water.

David found some great elements for his room...the chairs and lamps were the design stand outs. I personally thing he made a wonderfully serene, monochromatic room which provided privacy in the bed area with the judicious use of a canopy of cream muslin fabric. That said, I think that whole eastern-inspired, low to the ground look with rocks and candles;I think he even had a Buddha somewhere in there; has been done to death. It's not a style or look I would like to live with. Minimalism is not me. The room was great looking and the judges liked it very well. David has a wonderful talent and design aesthetic. He also practiced his television delivery during the two month break from the contest, because he was much improved in his delivery.

Alice took a risk in creating a kid's space, imo. She did some things that were traditional--twins beds, curtains, rocking horse. But she also had some elements that were unexpected and sophisticated. I loved the multi-colored glass globe chandelier. It was modern but also fun. I liked the pony-fabric modern chair she found. I loved the color palatte of lime green, hot pink, turquoise, yellow, etc. against white. I thought the dresser that she found which had a smoked glass look and the fun multicolored lockers were great as well. I didn't like the golden rug against the light blonde bamboo flooring. The rug disappeared and didn't add anything to the room, I would have been happier with a turquoise or red--something that popped off that floor and added pizzzazz. The judges although complimentary, weren't as thrilled with Alice's room as they were with David's. I think that is because Alice has a more 'real' touch, less 'designer showplace'. Alice is much better on camera, however.

I am voting for....Alice. I just like her and I never have to catcall the tv because she has taken off her shirt again. Hey--it's a reason.

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