Monday, September 11, 2006

Olympus Fashion Week

I'm really looking forward to catching the collections being shown at Bryant Park during Olympus Fashion Week. You can see the collections here. The website is really improved from last year because when you click on a picture you get a much larger, clearer view of the outfit than previously. I am amazed that some of the designs being shown are not as good as some of the work we've seen by our Project Runway designers who are working under less than ideal circumstances. Seriously, I would expect a "professional" designer who has worked on a collection for half of the year to be able to wow me--and yet I see some bizarre crap that I wouldn't use to dust my furniture. What are they thinking? Apparently, I so do not get "fashion". Shouldn't it be flattering? Wearable? Practical? Washable? Flattering? I think I'm going to start scoring the collections as I review them.

Here's the scale--
10 is fabulous I'd wear this (you know if I could which I can't because I'm not a size 0)
9 is wonderful
8 is great
7 is very good
6 is good
5 is pretty good
4 is okay
3 is whoa
2 is ugh
1 is how did they get a spot in a tent in Bryant Park

Remember the opinions expressed on the blog are purely my own and I don't know what I'm talking about. ;O)

Academy Art University gets a score of 4. The collection is boring/urban with a bland color palette.
Akiko Ogawa gets a score of 7. The collection used lots of white with lacy petticoats. There are pretty pieces.
Alexandre Herchcovitch receives a score of 3. This is a wild, crazy collection with an African theme. The fabrics are whoa--primary colors crazy--it is largely unwearable by regular people.
Alice Roi receives a score of 6. She uses bland colors. The designs are not daring--they are wearable.
Ashish n Soni gets a score of 6. Another pale color palette with lots of baby dolls dresses.
Atil Kutoglu gets a score of 8. More pale colors, however, some pretty wearable pieces.
Baby Phat By Kimora Lee Simmons receives a 7. She has an edgy vibrant look with some wearable pieces. What's with the weird teeth on her models?
BCBG Max Azria gets a score of 6. The collection has a varied color palette (what a relief after all the white so far!) He has lots of loose dresses with and without belts. The belts go inside the waist at the back which reminds me of my mother's old bathrobe which fastened that way.
Brian Reyes scores a 6 as well. His collection has some good pieces but again, boring color palate all neutrals. Is there a neutral rule I don't know about?

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