Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Light Foods

As a veteran of Weight Watchers (insert little trademark-thingy here) I have some familiarity with the terminology used to describe unhealthy eating behaviors. Like, oh, say "red light foods" would be one such term. It's a bit of an oxymoron, but a red light food is a food that you can't stop eating. There is no red light for you with this food. It's food that causes you to go out of control. For some people, potato chips are a red light food. It's easy to start dipping the ole hand into a bag of chips and just keep on eating without really knowing how many chips you are downing until you get to the bottom of the bag with all the annoying little teeny bits--you know the ones you eat by tipping the bag directly into your mouth. (C'mon, you know you do it!)

Anyway, for me, THE red light food is doughnuts. I love doughnuts. I adore doughnuts. If doughnuts were a guy--I woulda married him. I like most doughnuts, except, Krispy Kremes. Too icky sweet for me--which is almost impossible to believe--since they were made from the three most important food groups (sugar, flour, fat).

When I lived in Illinois, I used to start everyday with a diet coke with vanilla from Sonic and added a chocolate frosted doughnut from Casey's. I miss Casey's doughnuts. Every single kind was so good. :::Sigh::: Do skinny people feel sadness about not having access to their favorite foods?

Here in Maryland, I have to make do with Dunkin' Donuts. There are DDs EVERYWHERE. I live less than a block away from a Dunkin' Donuts and yet I hardly ever go. They've been feeling the pinch of less discretionary spending (I assume) because they keep having sales on doughnuts. So today, I hit DD before work to buy a half-dozen for three bucks...which turned into a dozen for six bucks. I got assorted but requested some chocolate frosted. They did me proud. There were three with chocolate frosting including a Boston Creme doughnut (my DD favorite).

My point (I'm getting there) is that I ate the Boston Cream doughnut in the morning. I had the second (chocolate frosted) for a dessert before lunch. I think I would have eaten more but for the fact that, well, peer pressure. Thank goodness humans have a built in need (generally) not to look like a total greedy-gus before co-workers. Okay...I did eat a half of a pink frosted one after school---I was able to restrain myself from eating the second half. That oughta count for something! I think I get why people eat in secret. Of course, if you find yourself eating in secret maybe you should consider that, that's a lot like secret drinking. Isn't that one of the warning sights of alcoholism--when you start drinking alone and in secret? I guess if I start chowing on doughnuts in secret I'll know I'm displaying signs of being a "doughnut-holic". Wait, wait--I think I'm already displaying signs of "doughnut-holism" just based on the size of my rear and my unnatural passion for doughnuts.

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shirley said...

I don't think I have ever tried a doughnut from Casey's (which, BTW, we lovingly have dubbed "Hayseed Market" - hope that doesn't offend anyone!). I just might stop by the one in town.
The Boston Creme is one of our favorite DD doughnuts. I also like Lemon filled. Yum.
If you had brought those doughnuts to my workplace, they would be gone in 5 minutes. We're all vultures!