Sunday, February 22, 2009


It is a running joke among my friends and at my workplace that I rule Robin-World. In fact, in Robin-World, I am both QUEEN and President. I really should get to wear a tiara ALL the time. In this world, everything happens as I wish. For example, my meetings are never changed without my express consent. (This law gets violated quite often, I may have to increase the fine.) Another law of the land, is that in any meeting I attend, the presenter does NOT read the powerpoint to me. I believe that if all you have to say is what is written on the powerpoint you haven't got sufficient information to impart for a meeting. Newsflash--I know how to read--send out a memo. On the other hand, if you've got a powerpoint crammed with everything you want to say so that the text is too tiny to read, then you've obviously never learned how to do bullet points. Edit yourself. See? In Robin-World, all opinions have a point any way that you look at it. In Robin-World, by the way, doughnuts are the healthiest food imaginable and there is no limit on how many you can eat in a day.

I take a lot of crap about Robin-World. Some of my friends seem to think it is narcisstic of me to think I am the center of the universe. I beg differ. I do NOT think I am the center of THE universe. I am just the center of MY universe. See? Robin-World. Duh. Let's get down to brass tacks, doesn't everyone really think about themselves ALL the time? Secretly? I just have the guts to admit it. Now that I ponder it, I'm quite admirable. In fact, I'm so special I deserve some kind of award. Yeah--that's it, an award. Robin-World's Queen and President needs to start an Honor's List and then deserving persons (ME!) could be Knighted. Then I'd be Queen, President, and Dame Robin of Robin-World.

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