Sunday, January 01, 2006


My newest revolving tv crush is House. I was all set to buy the dvd set of season one when I discovered that it was going to be replayed on the USA network. Yippee, money saved--I'll just set the ole DVR. I like shows that have clever banter and repartee. West Wing, back in the day, and the short-lived SportsNight were good examples of shows with excellent dialogue.

I wouldn't need a new tv crush if it wasn't for the poor quality of tv right now and the fact that Amazon let me down terribly. I was all set to marathon on Project Runway- Season One but unfortunately--it STILL hasn't come. The only good thing about going back to work on Tuesday is the fact that Project Runways-new episode is on Wednesday night. Tv programmers really should consider all the couch potatoes out there who take vacation over Christmas and need decent entertainment! Give us some new episodes, please!

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