Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Memory in Death

I spent last evening reading Memory in Death by JD Robb the latest Eve and Roarke adventure . I'll warn those who don't want to know any details, avert your eyes because I'm going to give some away.

I enjoyed MID, which was no surprise. As I've previously mentioned I really love all the characters who inhabit the world of Eve & Roarke. I could spend more time with the secondary characters and not mind a bit--Peabody & McNab, Mavis & Leonardo, Dr. Mira & Mr. Mira...they're fabulous. This book will be a particular favorite as time goes by, I'm sure, because it is quite a bit lighter on mystery and mayhem than some of the others in the series. I'm kind of a wimp, with respect to violence and suspense. I worry something bad is going to happen to a secondary character, it makes reading a little tense-making sometimes. MID, compared to the heart-wrenching Survivor in Death, (the scene in the morgue--I could cry thinking about it right now!) is a walk in the park. A lovely chance of pace--no serial killers--no injuries among our near and near--and more of Eve & Roarke at home, which I especially liked. For once, Eve & Roarke gave a party and murder didn't interrrupt it. We also got to enjoy Christmas at home. Usually the book ends with Christmas or weddings or vacations which then happen off-stage, so to speak. Not this time--yea! We get Christmas! We do learn more about Eve's backstory which, as always, has its painful moments. But whatever the woman suffered in her past, her present more than makes up for it with Roarke! (Yeah, yeah--I know it's fiction.)

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