Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lyrical Sunday

I've been visiting the Daily Meme blogsite to get ideas for posting. I'd like to be interesting and diverse if possible. (Wouldn't we all!) Today's suggestion hit a good note with me (bad pun, I know) because I just got an Ipod for Christmas and I spent yesterday loading it up with some of my cds. I got the 30 gig video version. I calculate I can fill my Ipod with the contents of about 650 cds. I don't have that many, so that means, everything I've got will fit. So what did I prioritize? Mostly what was handy, ie, already on the computer desk. Since I just bought the Garth Brooks box set--all those cds, as well as, Tanya Tucker; Tim McGraw; Faith Hill; Carrie Underwood; Phillips, Craig, & Dean; FFH; Second Chapter of Acts; Luther Vandross; Kelly Clarkson, Jars of Clay; and Toby Keith. I just can't get over what gorgeous sound the Ipod has. I feel I'm being surrounded in music. I haven't figured out all the tricks yet, for example, I just realized that I've had the Ipod on pause since last night. I'm thinking I'll need to recharge. :o)

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