Thursday, January 05, 2006

Project Runway Report

Doesn't it just figure? I was bored out of my gourd (as we former midwesterners say) over my Christmas vacation and I couldn't wait for the January 4th Project Runway. Then on the day it airs, I'm swapped with work and personal responsibilities which pretty much wipe me out. I was too tired to watch! So the newest edition of PR is faithfully waiting inside by DVR. I will hopefully get it watched by Saturday so I can post my opinions and impressions. I've stayed away from any info about the show so I'm still clueless about who the socialite is and I don't know who was "out".

In other better news, my Project Runway Season 1 DVD arrived Tuesday. I didn't find it in the foyer of my apartment until Wednesday morning since the mail hadn't arrived when I got home from work Tuesday. I was horrified to discover the box had been stomped on and ripped open. On a happy note, the would-be thief apparently had no interest in the DVD since they left it in the destroy package. Yea! For once have weird tastes in entertainment has paid off for me.


Alas, I was unable to keep from learning about the PR episode. Unsuspectingly, I bopped over to Manolo's Shoe Blog and his first posting was about the results of the episode. Once I knew that Lupe was ousted, I read to the end of the article. I forgot Manolo discusses PR too. Shoot.

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christopher.john said...

Since (it appears) [that] you would like to stay away from any information from who is "in" and who is "out", i will allow you to stay schizophrenic until you watch the show. But while im here, i will post a comment (which I am currently endevoring) on this entry and hopefull you will read it, and if you have gotten to this post, you have [finished this comment].