Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol

I've wanted to blog American Idol for a while, but I just haven't had the time to do it justice and Ann Althouse does a great job. So I'm not going to recap but I'm just going to throw out a few thoughts.

First yea! Brenna goes home. I did not like her voice or her attitude and behavior. Her version of Last Dance was nowhere up to par with Donna Summer. Heather also deserved to go home. You just don't sing a Mariah Carey hit unless you can out-Mariah Mariah and she didn't even come close. I'd also say that that suggestion applies to anything Celine Dion and Whitney Houston have done as well. Take heed, Idolettes. Song choice matters. Having knocked Heather's song choice, my sister and I both agreed that she sang the song for her farewell better than on Tuesday night which just shows to go you that you should always sing like you've got nothing to lose. Timidity and fear don't help sell a song and don't help the audience connect with you--they inhibit all that good stuff.

On the boy side, David-Mr. Sinatra sing-alike was way past his sell by date so no tears with his exit. Meanwhile, Sway did not deserve to go while that nerdy-wierd hair cut-has he gone through puberty yet?- Kevin is still on the show. Apparently, eleven year old girls are controlling the exit results, which is disturbing.

Carrie Underwood was so good it's hard to believe she started out on Idol. I loved how still she was and her command and presence of the stage. I hope the Idolettes were noticing how she put her energy into the song and to singing it well, rather than gyrating so she seemed exciting. Dancing and singing aren't something most people can do well at the same time. Why do you think so many dancing/singers lip-sync? I refer you to Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Britney Spears, as examples. Sure their voices are second-class to begin with, but they don't get any better when they haven't got the breath to support their vocal tones. That's what a loud "back-up track" is supposed to cover up. Excessive instrumentation and really loud backup singers help cover the problem too.

Next--what's with the bike shorts that Paris was wearing? Wonder if the Fug girls will mention her outfit? Also, are culottes back in style? Because I've noticed them showing up on many episodes so far. I think I missed that style memo.

Finally, what was with Paula's bizarro behavior? I pondered that she had been imbibing she acted so silly when called upon to comment.

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