Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project Runway Finale Part 2

I sat last night as part 1 of the Finale of Project Runway Season 2 ended, with a flutter in my stomach while I waited for the start of Part 2. I felt a little ridiculous about my nerves, after all, my life wasn't changing whatever the outcome. I busily wrote an unnecessary title for the opening page of my notes to kill time. The show began. The title for my notes was the last thing I wrote about the show. ;o)

I was so involved that I simply didn't have any interest or energy leftover for making my usual notes about the show. No recap is coming from my brain today. I don't really remember that many details. Maybe listening to the mongo-size podcast Tim has prepared regarding the finale will jog my memory and shake out some observations. My reaction has been pretty simple. Delight. Amazement. I actually backed the person that won. That hardly ever happens to me! Wow. A happy ending. It's like a romance novel for tv.

I really think that the best person won. I loved Chloe's collection from the get-go. I have always been nervous that the collection wouldn't get the respect that I felt it deserved because it was only an evening collection. I anticipated with gloom comments about "prom" dresses being repeated. But nope, nuh-uh. All my fears were unrealized. Actually seeing Chloe's clothes on the runway explains some of that. They move so well. They fit the models so beautifully. The show slid from theme to theme so effortlessly. And Grace's appearance in that gorgeous dark aqua dress--she was stunning! I agree with someone who said in the comments on Blogging Project Runway that Debra Messing was a key to Chloe's win. She reacted positively to Chloe's collection because she wears red carpet clothing and she could imagine herself in Chloe's dresses. That's what I think, anyway. She'd look fabulous in the dress Grace modeled, too.

I think I'll sit and bask in my satisfaction at picking the winner. I'm not sure I ever blogged that I thought Chloe would win--I'm a little pessimistic--but I sure hoped that she would. Wow. A happy ending. Sweet.

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