Saturday, March 04, 2006

Illinois defeats Michigan State

Illinois closed out its regular season today with a win at Michigan State. Dee Brown just loooves to play Michigan State and he was the key to the road victory. Now it's time for fingers to cross hoping that Purdue can surprise Ohio State tomorrow so that we can share a Big Ten co-championship with Ohio State and Iowa. Purdue's record is 3-12 so it's a long shot but hey--it could happen. I'm hearing rumblings that Illinois may be as high as a two seed in the NCAA tournament but we've heard that before and ended up a four seed so I'm not getting my hopes up. Illinois and Duke are the only teams to have twenty-five or more wins for the past five years so we've definitely got consistency on our side but as any Illini fan will tell you--we don't ever feel we get the respect we deserve. It's part of the Illini psyche to feel disrespected, it pays off mostly, because then our will to win is that much greater. ILL-INI!

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