Thursday, March 02, 2006

Borders Run

Tuesday we hit Borders for the new books due out. The big push behind the trip was the desire to get Laurell K. Hamilton's new novella "Micah" asap. We bought two, in fact, so neither of us has to wait to read it. We'll send the extra to my sister in Indiana. We managed to fill our arms with other books though. They breed in arms, apparently. Borders could stand to provide little baskets for those of us who buy in bulk. Here's the list: Loretta Chase-Lord Perfect, Lisa Kleypas-Devil in Winter, Leanne Banks-Underfoot, Jo Beverley-The Rogue's Return, Christine Rimmer-The Bravo Family Way, Miranda Lee-The Billionaire Boss's Forbidden Mistress, Trish Morey-The Mancini Marriage Bargain, Lucy Monroe-Wedding Vow of Revenge, Lynne Graham-The Greek's Chosen Wife and the anthology of The Queen in Winter which has a novella by Sharon Shinn.

I've been looking forward to the Kleypas because the hero is the very villainous villain from It Happened One Autumn. I can't wait to see how Kleypas redeems a nearly unredeemable man.
I gather the Jo Beverley is one of the Company of Rogues' series. And Lord Perfect is the third of Chase's new historical series.

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