Monday, February 06, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

I really have what I consider to be a limited amount of time to watch television. There are books to be read, the internet to be explored, shopping and running around to do. For some years now, my goal has been to reduce my tv viewing to the absolute minimum. Of course, my minimum always sounds so excessive when I talk to the working mom's at my school who apparently never have time to watch tv. (I'm not too sympathetic to the story of their laundry and homework until the wee hours because, hey, life's about choices and I intelligently chose not to reproduce because I'm extremely selfish.) Anyway--the thing that causes me trouble is that I keep finding new shows that I have to add to the rotation, so to speak. Like most people I sometimes watch whatever's on and I watch some shows occasionally but not faithfully--like What Not to Wear. But my faithful viewing habits are: Monday--empty. Tuesday--NCIS, Amazing Race, House. Wednesday--Project Runway, Apprentice (Martha's version), Bones. Thursday--Survivor, Apprentice, My Name is Earl; and Friday--Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home, Numbers, Reba, Monk. Saturday-- empty again. Sunday used to be empty because I like to cram in as much reading as I can before returning to work but now I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy is a relatively new tv fixation. FYI, The Season 1 dvd comes out February 14th. I'm definitely there because I've only seen Season 2 from November-ish on. I came into the series right after Derek's wife came to the show--whenver that was. The previews for the show that came on after the Super Bowl were tantalizing. Code Black. That's a bomb threat where I work. Yikes. A bomb. I was impatient for the Super Bowl to get over with (I'm not into football) just to see Grey's Anatomy. It did not disappoint. I was pretty intensely focused on the episode from start to finish. It also put me on edge. I mean, that screaming woman. Crima-nitly, I so would have slapped her hard. The two stupid re-enactors. How dumb do you have to be to get in front of a rocket launcher that didn't fire. Even I would have known better than that and I'm neither mechanical nor interested in things military. Bailey's husband in surgery. I was biting my fingernails.

Then there's the poor stupid schlep of a paramedic with her hand stuck in the guy's chest. Poor sacrificial lamb. Does nobody offer the poor girl a stool? Hey--don't move and by the way stand here till you pass out? When that anesthesiologist guy left her holding the bag I was incensed!! Where the heck was Burke? Where's the bomb squad. Oh, they're staring at x-rays that tell them nothing and taking their time chatting about how helpless they are. Why isn't someone interviewing other re-enactor guy to find out how the device was put together and and learning about its triggering mechanism? Is it even legal to build a bazooka in your backyard? How do you get the materials needed to make a mortar shell? My head's awhirl with all these questions. Back to poor schlep with her hand in the guy's chest...all alone but nobody knows, because Burke and useless bomb squad guys aren't in the same room with the unexploded device. Heck, no. Too busy talking and chatting. Are they even checking on the two people they think are in the room with the unexploded device? Nahh..what the heck? I say again!! My heart's a-racing and I'm grateful I remembered my blood pressure pill because otherwise I might be stroking out I'm so tensed up. Then the episode is over. Why didn't they warn me this was a two-parter? I hate waiting and wondering. I would (maybe) have saved the episode to view right before the one next week. Maybe. So we're left with a cliff hanger and more trauma to come because dork Meredith has put her hand inside bomb guy. What a doofus. She's so not my favorite character, I'm kinda hoping they'll blow her up. What a ratings boom that would be! I mean, she's whiny, obsessed with a married guy which doesn't stop her from sleeping with strangers repeatedly, and ick--way too thin. She needs to eat about 10 Big Macs a week just to get up to a normal weight. I'm also wondering what Yang was thinking to tell Derek during BRAIN surgery that his light o'love is in mortal danger. Yeah--he'll be focused on saving Bailey's husband now, fer sure, dude.

Personally, I think that I would have pulled my hand out a good while earlier than paramedic girl did and I'm all for letting the moron who was the author of his own tragedy just detonate. I've been called ruthless before, or maybe it was selfish. Whatever. It was true.

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