Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Project Runway-Makeover

I knew from the get-go that Santino would not go. After all, the whole episode was all-Santino- all-the- time. I briefly flirted with the idea that maybe the episode was shaping up to be a farewell to Santino but my cynicism about the show is nearly complete. I still tune in, but I'm bitter at the show's end. I think the producers are making a terrible mistake to continue to give Santino a pass on things that sink other designers. How, for example, do you justify sending Zulema home for badly sewn garments and totally ignore the fact that Santino's garment literally fell apart on the runway while we watched. But I'm leaping ahead to the ending so let me recap:

Santino's quote at the beginning sets my mood to grumpy: "I'm one of the most talented people in the room." Also, the biggest jerk--still trying to stay PG here. He needs a serious reality check. Maybe he just needs to have more camera time to "explain" his talent, cuz I don't get it.

Daniel V states up front that his immunity is on his mind and he toys with the notion of sending up "tassles and a zipper." Well, it had a little more fabric to it than that, but it didn't have the special Daniel V. touch we've all grown accustomed to, that's for sure.

Heidi draws names from a hat for the total makeover challenge of the designers. Santino will design for Kara. Kara will design for Santino. Nick will design for Daniel. Daniel will design for Chloe. Chloe will design for Nick. The designers have an hour to confer and then off to spend $200 bucks for the outfits. In hindsight, Santino must have come in waaay under budget.

Nick wants a Italian Euro-trash suit. Santino wants a preppy look with an urban undercoat, complete with madras pants. Daniel sees Chloe has a fun-loving party girl, flirty, someone for whom men will buy drinks. This might be Daniel's personal fantasy; we never hear what Chloe really wants. Kara wants to be funkier and more adventurous. I don't think a falling-apart skin suit was what she had in mind, really. Nick plans to dress up Daniel in a tight suit jacket and tight pants, playing up his skinniness. Again, this sounds like Nick's turn-on, not Daniel's.

We shop and we see Santino pretty much picking out all the fabric for Kara. Does this mean that Santino should get credit for Kara's second place finish? Nick chooses cashmere for Daniel's suit. Isn't cashmere sweater material? That doesn't sound like a good idea. Hindsight is 20-20 it's true, but I had doubts even when it was live.

Back in the sewing room, Nick is a worker bee with a secret--he's done men's wear before. That does not recommend him in the final analysis. He sewing super fast to the amazement of all. Probably Nick was doomed from the moment he said, "You need to catch up." referring to his skill level compared to the other designers. Seems like Zulema made some similar brag-gy comments. Those editors love to make you look like an out of touch with reality type if they've got you saying something which you will later contradict by your actions.

Santino gives us the "I was a weird kid with lots of hardship" speech. Strangely, this does not surprise me at all. Social skills this bad are not usually better in childhood, if you know what I mean. He's going to be famous, it's just around the corner, he never gives up. Sounds just like what those really awful William Hung-type American Idol contestants say. Totally oblivious to their utter and compete awfullness. The black hole of talent, you could say, all self-knowledge sucked into a gravity well.

Tim makes the rounds with the designers. With only five it doesn't take long. Since there were just five you would think I took lots of notes but no, just what Tim said to Santino. Wishful thinking about Santino's exit made me want to record every bit of his exit for posterity. That didn't work out too well for me as you know. He thinks Santino is working with a rich color palate. He warns him about not being a one-note and watching out for his trim fetish. He says it nicer than I just did. He also warns Santino not to be screwed up by time-management. That bit of advice pretty much went in one ear and out the other.

Daniel V. is moved to say that Santino is arrogant and obnoxious. You've got to figure that Santino is getting on everyone's last nerve. Nick gives him the silent treatment. At the end of day one, Santino is riding Kara about doing more work because he wants her to finish so he doesn't go down the runway naked. Meanwhile, he sends Kara down the runway in a unfinished and unflatteringly hideous jumpsuit which somehow managed to make Kara look fat. Ironic, isn't it?

On the runway--

Kara's outfit for Santino is a pair of red madras plaid pants with a polo shirt in light blue. The facing of the shirt is lined with a contrasting blue plaid print. A fedora? blue plaid hat completes the outfit.

Daniel's outfit for Chloe is a wierd mix of a bright red, tightly fitted strapless dress with a corset like leather vest in a tan brown leather-like fabric. The colors do not go together, imo. Where's the flirty? Cuz this just seems slutty. Flirty does not equal slutty, right?

Chloe's outfit for Nick is a pair of navy blue pin-striped pants, paired with a navy blue pin-striped vest with a pink satin back and lining. The dress shirt underneath is pink also.

Nick's outfit for Daniel is a button-less jacket and pants in a light grey. I remember now how Nick and Daniel had a looong conversation about how the fabric wasn't too shiny. Okay--did they hear themselves? Anytime you are defending the shiny-ness of your fabric you have taken a wrong turn somewhere, guys. He wears a black shirt underneath, a matching grey scarf completes the outfit. There are no pockets in the pants or the jacket. I thought he looked hot, but Daniel V. is just cute to me.

Santino's outfit for Kara is a jumpsuit in a mauve? grey. It's extremely tight fitting and the pants are cropped. There's a zipper up the front with trim and some trim stuff on the back of the waist area. The collar is decorated with a road-kill type fur thing. Kara looks like she has a pot-belly in the jumpsuit it is so tight. How you can make Kara, who sometimes reminds me of a heroin addict with the dark circles under her eyes and her skinny frame and her stringy, dirty hair, look fat--is beyond my ability to understand or imagine. Maybe Santino should design for Mary-Kate, Lindsey, or Nicole Richie and stop those anorexia comments for them.

The judges:

Santino's jumpsuit was liked by Freddie Leiba the celebrity stylist, he might have been the only one who liked it. Heidi felt it was dated. Nina pointed out that it was falling apart; Santino doesn't think about what is comfortable for women either, she asserts. S talks over Kara on the runway and I'm convinced he lied and lied and lied through the whole thing particularly about the state of the jumpsuit. He claimed Kara was excited after the show and jumped around, ripping the sleeve. Liar! He didn't let Kara answer when Nina asked if she was comfortable, interrupting to say Kara looked beautiful.

Chloe's outfit got raves. It suited Nick, looked like something he'd actually wear. Was well-made, had good proportions, the pink kept it from being too staid and traditional.

Kara's outfit got raves as well. It was Nina's favorite. It showed the softer Santino but was in his style. It was well-made and professional, especially since sportswear is notoriously difficult to make. The color was fresh and different. Wonder if next week Santino will take credit for Kara's success. He did suggest the madras pants and the plaid in the shirt, after all. And one thing about Santino you can know for sure--he's not humble.

Nick's outfit was judged to be horrible. It looked like Daniel had rolled around in it right before coming on the runway. It was a bad choice of fabric, no buttons, no pockets, too feminine, too ambitious, poorly sewn. Wasn't Nick bragging about his sewing skills at the beginning of the episode? Hello! Pride cometh before a FALL, people!

Daniel's outfit might be the first bad review he's gotten. The judges wonder if he coasted because of his immunity. It didn't fit Chloe, the hem was a mess, it aged her 20 yeasrs, looked like something from Knot's Landing in the '80's. Daniel isn't too upset by the criticism he knows he'll get by.

Well, as you know, Nick got the boot and Santino squeaked by for another "in". I had to take a Rolaids and then come work out my aggression about it on my blog. Wonder how Tim will explain Santino's getting by with another crappy, poorly sewn outfit in his podcast...


dan said...

I have to say that this is the best recap I've read online.

But I maintain that Kara's the real dead wood on the show and deserved to go next.

Sure. Santino's easy to hate for his attitude. But the outfit Kara made for Santino was based on all of his ideas -- including the madras pants that Nina Garcia "just loved!!" I mean, come on. In your equations you have to wonder why they put Santino up against Nick other than for the dramatic tension and to make you hate Santino more.

Kara should've been the one to go. Santino should get some karmic points for designing Kara's madras outfit.

I maintain that Santino isn't as evil as he's being presented. I think Daniel has the cute thing going and he's working it to the Nth degree. But he showed a really arrogant side to his personality this episode. We'll see how it shakes up. But Kara should be next. Its only fair. She should've been gone weeks ago when she fell apart on the pair challenge and Zulema saved her teary whimpering ass.

Robin said...

I can't disagree that Kara is dead wood. She's been very lucky in several challenges that others have sucked worse. Santino is also the one who saved Kara's keister with his ideas. He should have spent the time on his own design, so one has to wonder what was up with that? Was he simply unable to let himself be put in the position of wearing something unappealling to his own sense of style? Vanity led him to help Kara too much? He should have thought--hey, perfect time to watch Kara go down in flames. Yet he helped her. Was it a really clever strategy to help the weakest link so that someone stronger would go--like Nick, leaving the field more open for him? I'd like a podcast of Santino's take on what happened, not just Tim's. Thanks for the compliment, by the way, it was a smile moment.