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PR2-Tim's Podcasts

I recently subscribed to Tim's Podcasts on iTunes. I hadn't done it previously because I was under the mistaken belief that it would involve a fee. Anyway--they are fun and give insider glimpses into the behind the scenes events. I listened during my tiny commute to and from work today and came to the realization that it makes more sense to listen and hang out at the PR website so you can review the designs as Tim makes his comments. The following is just info from--by no means a transcript--of the podcasts.

Introduction: Tim talks about the fun ahead and the difference between the (in my words) clueless first season participants and the more savvy, strategic second season participants. Tim felt that the two seasons have very different casts with different viewpoints.

Episode 1: Road to Runway. The casting was more daunting because of the sheer increase in numbers with the success of the show. Four cities: NY, Houston, Miami, and LA--each city is different culturally and thus, so were their designer candidates. In Season 1 70% of candidates were still in design school or recent grads, while in Season 2 the numbers are inverted--30% are still in design school or recent grads.

Prescreening of candidates was done by Seventh on Sixth. They looked at the work first, not the personalities of the candidates. Designers presented: three garments which they designed and made; a two-dimensional portfolio which could contain design illustrations and flats, a look-book of work form the past or current collection. 100 candidates made it to the semi-final stage. The 100 candidates were asked to return an (within 48 hours) autobiographical video--some got additional instructions. For example, Kirsten Ehrig was asked for more of her fashion because she had only presented bathing suits. Emmett was also asked to provide more info because of his menswear background.

After the 100 candidates were selected--the producers of PR and Bravo made the cut down to 30 candidates. Then everyone helped to cut 30 down to 16. They ended up with a cast of great diversity that adds to the quality of season 2. The Season 2 cast is better than the Season 1 cast which is no insult to the Season 1 cast. Tim found it difficult to predict winners and losers in Season 2.

Daniel Franco was the season 2 surprise. His collection was among the strongest seen in all four cities. Tim would put it in the top 3 or 4. Tim doesn't feel that Daniel F. had an unfair advantage based on his one day experience in Season 1. He insulated himself and didn't listen to others or use his resources in Season 1. Tim recalls how he boasted about spending only $4 dollars out of a $50 dollar budget, which was not too smart. Tim was a champion of his return, however.

I note Tim kind of hints that Nick stays with the show a pretty long time because he talks about the pressures Nick is under as time goes by and the competition becomes more intense to answer questions about how to do things by others because of his teaching background.

Episode 2-Clothes off Your Back How far are you willing to go for fashion? Chloe was at a disadvantage because she had so little to work with in the challenge. The designers were really thrown by the limitation on the materials and having to give up what were favorite clothes. Santino, with unbridled passion, was willing to do anything. Kirsten self-sacrificed by being obsessed with the Hermes scarf. Tim was disappointed to see her go because she had a unique background. Tim was moved by Santino's talk on the runway and he doesn't feel he's faking it.

Problems with time restraint showed up for the first time in this episode. Problems with strategic thinking. Problems with using materials wisely. Re-styling was not the goal; re-design was the goal. Tim marvelled at what Chloe was able to achieve with such limited resources. Santino's re-design was exuberant and had incredible attention to detail even with the time constraint. Tim was disappointed in Daniel Franco's dress' fit in the first episode. He is a masterful tailor and great designer. But Daniel's second design was a slight innovation from first. Diana's nickname was Dr. Sprocket. Her designs were gimmicky. Marla was disabled by the construction of the clothes, although deconstructing the clothes first should have helped to teach them how clothes are constructed.

Oops--gotta go the PR is starting now! Yeehaw!

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