Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bracket-nomics Day 3

The good news is I didn't break out in hives when Illinois lost this year. The bad news is Illinois lost. It wasn't by much, and it wasn't a loss to a much lower seed, but it was still sad. I got choked up when I realized that I wouldn't see Dee Brown or James Augustine play at Illinois again. Gentlemen, I salute you.

Meanwhile, my percentage for day 3 was horrible. My Head and Heart bracket only managed a 63% accuracy of prediction. On the other hand, in a bizarro twist of fate--my sister received a score of 88% on day 3. Quel horreur! The idea that you can just GUESS and do better than someone who thought and did a minute amount of research just flies in the face of all fairness. Of course, her accuracy is bound to go down in future brackets because she picked Illinois to win the whole shootin' match out of loyalty.

Today's winners according to my Head bracket will be: Texas, Memphis, Pitt, UCONN, and Villanova. My Heart bracket thinks the winners will be: West Virginia, Texas, Pitt, and Kentucky. As you'll note, I don't have eight winners picked for the eight games today because some of my picks have already been eliminated.

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