Thursday, March 02, 2006

Project Runway Finale Part One

To the unblogging person it may seem easy to sit down at the computer and just dump all your thoughts on whatever into print. It's actually a bit trickier than that. For starters, taking notes helps the process alot if you are blogging a tv show. Annoyingly, taking notes also rather ruins the moment at the same time. I didn't take notes on Wednesday's show and we'll see if I regret it.

Tim visited all the finalists at their home turf. We see Santino in his big rented house in some place in California--wasn't it around Venice Beach or something? We get a very sympathetic portrayal of all Santino's hardships. This doesn't make me like him, but maybe I don't dislike him so much now that I've seen a little toddler crawling all over him. His collection is eight weeks out and has only one finished garment but he does have a bunch of sketches and a theme; 40's glamour. It's good he told us the theme, I doubt I would have guessed otherwise. The close up view of the dress was cool after only seeing runway shots. I have to confess that particular dress wasn't memorable to me, since I didn't recognize it from my review of his collection. I do like the froth of ruffles and the pleating but that fabric of muddy brown and green and pink or whatever the combination is--seems like a poor choice.

Visiting Daniel in New York we see his white and black brocade jacket. I love that jacket. It's sleek and the cut is chic, but the fabric just takes it to a whole 'nother level for me. I can't remember now if Daniel was playing around with the white coat--maybe it was missing buttons? His Japanese/Military them is also a bit obscure to me. I loved that Daniel and Tim go shopping for his jacket for the show. Daniel could wear a sack and look good, of course, and I love his new haircut.

At Chloe's I am stunned to discover that five weeks out she has only one finished dress and no sketches or theme. Now I'm wondering if that is a reality show invention to build suspense? How could Chloe have wasted all that time and have nothing but some bolts of fabric and one dress to show for it? I ponder as I watch, does all the family lives in this humungous house in Houston? Surely not. I do like the fabric choice in Chloe's green dress and the view of the skirt with it's puffy whatever's is the best I've had yet. I thought it was pleated from the runway shots.

When all the finalists gather in New York--I expected them to have completed collections. The fact that there was still some sewing and buttons etc to be finished surprised me. As Tim goes through each collection I am also surprised by the whole not nice to Daniel deal. I don't think Daniel's whole collection is great. He has some great pieces. I was underwhelmed by a few like the black shirtwaist dress--le plus ult in boring, imo. But what's the edit trying to do? Is it foreshadowing a surprise Daniel loss? Or a fabrication to build suspense since most people think Daniel will win? Why they can't just trust that we'll watch the show without the editing shenanigans I do not understand.

When they throw the extra design at the finalists I felt a little stupid for not realizing it had to be coming. I know they show 13 designs and several times they talkrd about the 12 designs they were working on so --duh. Anyway--poor Chloe that hit her pretty hard. She must have been wiped. Makes me think maybe she should have worked harder earlier on, instead of waiting until five weeks before the freaking show to design 11 of her items. That said, Santino is not in much better shape. I'm wondering whether Andrae ends up designing the dress for him since he was so out of it at Mood. I felt bad for Chloe having to pick her assistant last, but I would love love love to know her rationale. Is Diana the best seamstress of the bunch left standing? I figure she's probably still peeved at Kara for saying she didn't deserve to go to the finals, also Kara had a decoy show to do which presumeably the finalists knew so maybe those two factors are the reason why she didn't pick Kara. Why did Emmett look so distraught? Is it because he and Chloe are really good friends so he thought she'd pick him? Somehow reality shows always leave me wanting to know more--there's just not enough behind the scenes info coming out.

So who will win? Chloe? Santino? Daniel? I will be unhappy if Santino wins but I'm good with either Chloe or Daniel. I just hope that they base their decision on the collections that are shown because my understanding is that's the key factor. We'll see.

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