Monday, March 13, 2006

Loretta Chase

Loretta Chase is one of my favorite authors and one of her books is in my top ten all-time favorite book list. Lord of Scoundrels is a wonderful book published some years ago which I re-read regularly because it just does it for me. It's a feel good book. Since L of S made my top ten list, naturally, I buy whatever I see that comes out under Chase's name. For a long time there was quite a drought. Happily, Ms. Chase is once more publishing regularly. Her latest series of books started with Miss Wonderful, continued with Mr. Impossible, and her most recent addition is, Lord Perfect. I re-read bits and bites of the first two books just to remind myself of the family and setting, then I settled in to enjoy Lord Perfect. And I did. What do I like about these books, in particular? I enjoy the well-developed and unique characters. They seem real with flaws and talents, hopes and dreams. I love the dialogue; sparkling and so funny. I like the variety of settings and plots which allow me to read several Loretta Chase's in a row and not feel like I've read the same book twice or thrice with new names attached. In Lord Perfect, the secondary characters--the children--are so original that I am looking forward to the day they get their own story!

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