Wednesday, January 14, 2009

McDonald's Fries

In my high school and college days, I worked at McDonald's. I think I racked up seven years behind the counter, through my senior year and to the end of my Master's degree. In spite of that, I still love to eat at McDonald's, especially their fries--hot out of the fryer, mmhmm. Nobody else has fries as good as Mickey D's. One of my funnier/weirder memories of my Dad was listening to him talk about how great McDonald's fries were in his opinion. He had a whole explanation for why they were good based on the shortening they used or something. At the time, I didn't know that he had ever been to a McDonald's, let alone spent time considered the relative differences in fry taste based on the type of shortening. It was not my parent's style at all to eat at a McDonald's. This was the couple that ate at Ponderosa every Sunday for something like...hundreds of weeks straight. They were all about either have steak or a waitress or both.

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