Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Presidential Daughter Dolls

I just read an article saying that Michelle Obama isn't too happy with the Beanie Baby company dolls that are being marketed and are named after her daughters. I don't guess I blame her. She is a mother and her number one job is to protect her chldren, but it is a time honored tradtion of entrepreneurship. As evidence I offer the following:

There was the Tricia Nixon Paper doll:

The Amy Carter Paper Doll:

There was an Amy Carter peanut doll too, but I couldn't find a good picture.

And of course, the Caroline Kennedy doll by Madame Alexander:

Even Presidential Candidates aren't safe. Cabbage Patch dolls did commemorative dolls of Obama, Palin, McCain & Biden. McCain and Biden looks so similiar I didn't bother to get the pic of the Joe doll. The Palin doll is super cute though. They really captured her look.

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