Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big Brother All Stars Finale

Well, I wouldn't have believed it but as much as I detest Mike Boogie--I think I would have voted for him myself. Here's how it played out...

Judy and I were watching House and with about ten minutes left of the hour we swapped out to see who had won on Big Brother. At that point I was sort of rooting for stoopid Erica because I think Mike has been the worst scumbag ever on the planet to her. There was no winner yet, so we went back to House. After another couple of minutes we checked in again and saw Janelle win the America's Choice for like the gazillionth time. I inferred from the fact that Boogie was standing next to Julie Chen that he had won. Judy, foolishly, did not believe me. She should know better. Nevertheless, I rewound the dvr a bit further and proved myself right for Judy's benefit. Disappointment ensued. I swapped out the dvr to see the last few minutes of House through to the end.

I was fully prepared at that point to delete the whole show and never watch the whole thing since as I said I detest Mike Boogie and think he is a disgusting bag o' slime. Judy wanted to see Janelle enter the jury house, though, so I started the episode. We fast forwarded through anything Chen-bot said, and any long speeches that Erica or Boogie made until we came to Janelle's entry into the house. We watched the jury discuss who should win--I agree that as a woman Erica is being held to a different standard than Boogie is--the point Danielle made. Meanwhile, some people are really holding a grudge. ;o) That always makes good tv. It was the question and answer period that really changed my mind though. I hated the way Erica answered the questions. She tried to present herself as being more strategic and more active in the planning and execution of evictions than she really was. How lame is that? She thought that she should win just because she convinced Janelle to vote out Will. That was it--her main claim to fame. Meanwhile, Boogie did the smart thing and challenged the jury to admit that he hadn't acted any differently than they had--just more effectively. His answer to Danielle was masterful. She tried to nail him because he had claimed to her that he would be her "Jason". He came right back at her though--naming all the other players that Danielle had had the same relationship with.

So--it's so bizarre to me because I totally did not want Boogie to win. And yet, I probably would have voted for him myself. He is still a scumbag though.

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JJLynn58 said...

In the end it always seems to come down to who outplayed them and does anyone want to admit that someone who wasn't as good as them deserved to win. Truthfully Erica did seem to float through the game and although she was capable of winning competitions - she did not seem capable of making a decision for herself, instead allowing Boogie or Will to do it for her. I can't stand Mike "Boogie" (and his name) but he did play one heck of a game.