Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Big Brother All Stars Shocker

Wow! What an episode! Janelle has won our (Robin's and my) eternal respect by voting out Dr. Will, the charming liar. I knew from the reality live feed discussion boards that after a complete meltdown that caused Boogie and Will to completely write her off, Erica had come back from the brink to lay the facts before Janelle. Both women finally answered the urgently ringing clue phone and realized that Chill Town was playing them both. Embarrassed they have decided to take a stand. We believed that it was possible but we didn't REALLY believe it. The girls have disappointed us so many times before. But this time she came through! Janelle, for "Howie and Marcellas" voted Will out the door and into the jury house.

Speaking of the Jury House: what's with Howie? Is he 7? (By that, I mean the age 7 not Big Brother 7). Calling people names? Yelling and fighting? Grow up! He's so annoying to be around I pity the All Star cast spending all this time with no way to get away. At least they're down to 7 days.

So the final HOH looked like it was going to be a long one. Traditionally, the 3 part contest starts with an endurance trial and this one was no different than previous contests. Shockingly, Mike Boogie imagined that he is the equal of the infamous Richard Hatch. Within minutes, he cockily jumped off the volcano, caustically telling both women that they have to take him to the final in order to have a chance to win. Who is he kidding? Erica hates him so much that she would rather eat dirt than let him have a chance to win. Well, she'd rather lose than let him have a chance to win, I guess the dirt eating is optional! (Hell hath no fury...) Hopefully, Janelle considers Boogie a more serious threat to the money and takes Erica for that reason. Either way, personal or business reasons seem to indicate that Erica and Janelle would be smarter to team up for the final than for either of them to take Boogie to the end. Unfortunately for Boogie he just doesn't have the charm to sway people to his way of thinking like Will--especially sinces he seems down right cranky now that Will is out. (Wah Wah--hear that big baby crying where you are?)

For the second unexpected twist, Janelle was so startled by Mike Boogie's jumping off the volcano so quickly that one of her hands came off her key. Big oopsie! The camera had gone to Janelle for a reaction shot right after Mike jumped so her mistake was there in living color. I'm not sure she even knew she had done it and for sure Chen-bot and the producers didn't seem to notice right away. I immediately tivoed it, of course, to confirm that we had seen what we thought we saw. F or a while it seemed that BB might let Janelle stay in and pretend her hand hadn't come off the key (okay, through the commercial) but when the show resumedl I was disabused as the Chen-bot mumbled to Janelle that she was eliminated.

Can you tell I can't stand Julie Chen? What is it with these people on tv who can't speak clearly? I assume Julie wanted to be a 'journalist' from a fairly young age. Wouldn't you think that someone looking for a career in television would comprehend that the ability to speak clearly and enuciate correctly is a minimal requirement, not a option? But what am I saying, some idiot hired her, so clearly my standards are too high.

But I digress again, interestingly, after the game was over, Erica took a moment to confirm again to Janelle that she will take her to the final two if she (Erica) wins HOH. So, still two parts of the final HOH competition are left, giving us all a reason to keep getting up in the morning. Fingers crossed that Boogie's extremely bad temper and the sulks prevent him from winning Part 2 or Part 3 of the HOH comps.

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