Thursday, September 07, 2006

Project Runway-Uli Analysis

Before I recap last night's PR, I'd like to run through Uli's PR design history. I feel compelled to do this with Uli, because I did it last season with Santino. I ragged on Santino quite a bit for this same sin. I thought he was re-using his ideas/styles/dress forms and it wouldn't be fair to Santino if I didn't point out that Uli has created variations of the same dress in most of the challenges. I was happy last week when the judges finally called her on it. However, this week she got kudos for her couture gown and it was more of the same-same that she's been making, as I hope my run-through will show.

In episode one which was designed using the furnishings and supplies in the apartment, she created a white halter neck, empire waisted dress from the sheets and she accented the neckline with bright yellow bobbles of some sort.

In episode 2 designing in a team for Miss USA, Uli created a halter neck, empire waisted evening dress with twisty straps in a chocolate brown.For episode 3 when creating a dog/owner outfit for a socialite, Uli made a halter dress with an empire waist. She paired the dress with a short brown jacket. Note the use of two contrasting fabrics--one of which is an animal print.
In episode 5 (Episode 4 was the Macy's team challenge.) Uli was given Diana Ross as a Style Icon. She designed a halter neck dress with cross straps, in a dark purple print that was reminiscent of tiger strips. She added ruching at the hips/waist.
In episode 6, using recycled materials, Uli braided a white strapless gown with an empire waist. The skirt looks ruched in the photo but the pieces were braided together to create that effect.
In episode 7, Uli designed a pants outfit for Kayne's mother. Notably, she used a beautiful chiffon print for the top which was edged in an animal print fabric.

For episode 8, designing for a jetsetter, Uli created a halter neck, empire waist gown in vibrant prints. The straps of the halter are twisty.
For episode 9, designing a couture quality gown, Uli created a halter neck, empire waist gown in a lavender shade. The bodice was squared (new look) with lace, The straps of the halter were braided as was the belt which hung down the back of the dress.

I wish we had front and back views of the designs on PR website because I'm pretty sure that the purple/Diana Ross dress had some kind of braided something that hung down the back as well.

Looking at all her designs sequentially, I think it is clear that Uli re-uses the halter neck empire waist design a lot. She's also fond of twisting or braiding the straps and belt as accents. She's inspired in her use of fabrics and that is a theme for her. My point--Uli is talented but she has not stepped outside her comfort zone any more than say, Laura, has. I'm not sure that I believe Uli deserves a spot in the final three--happily, I don't have to actually pick--I can just opine.