Monday, September 04, 2006

Big Brother All Stars

If you don't watch Big Brother--please ignore this post. I'm embarrassed even to be posting it in one sense. On the other hand, I cannot understand the morality of Mike Boogie and I feel compelled to vent. Okay--so you go on a show to win some bucks, that's the premise of Big Brother. While on the show, you've got to be on camera 24-7. This means that your best and worst moments are out there for everyone to see. The show also requires you to do a video diary--they want your strategy and your thoughts on the game and your fellow players. Okay. I've got that. To win the game--which mean winning the money you have to have a weird combination of ruthlessness and likeability. You've got to get rid of your competitors but not in such a way that they won't vote to give you the cash at the end. As some players have found in the past, total ruthlessness can backfire on you (Danielle). On the other hand ruthlessness couched in impish can earn you admiration for the jovial way you manipulated and took out your opponents.(Will)

So--what's Mike Boogie's strategy? Well...using a showmance to maintain the upper hand with susceptible females and hanging on Will's coattails for the other. The sickening thing about Mike Boogie's treatment of stupid Erica is that he knows she's going to be very hurt. He's admitted this in his diary entries. Apparently he doesn't care. This chick seems to be planning happily ever after with Mike. She's thinking about children. Meanwhile, he refers to her as a 'ho' and talks about how she's aged five years since coming into the Big Brother house. He sleeps with her and engages in make-out sessions--seemingly has not actually had sex, but the cameras are suspcious. (And don't get me started on what is Erica thinking to be having sex-like relations on television.) Does Mike Boogie think he's ever going to be able to get a date with anyone after the show?I hope not. (My faith in the intelligence of women when it comes to guys is limited, unfortunately.) I hope the backlash from women lasts the rest of his life! What a scumbag! If he was homeless and destitute I'd cut him some slack--he's not though! He has a business. He's got money. He just wants more. Greed and a utter lack of morals are not attractive. Taking a women for a ride--knowing that she's falling in love with you and letting her, even though you don't feel the same, just so you can potentially win some cash is despicable. What a cad.

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JJLynn58 said...

I am hopeful that Erica and Janelle will finally realize that they are being played and send Mike and Will home. Unfortunately they are both blinded by lust (which I cannot comprehend) for the two men and Erica is hearing that tick tock of her internal clock. I would hate to be on the jury and have to pick between Mike and Will. I can't take a man seriously who's nickname is Boogie and while Will has an impish charm he is a total scumbag.