Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Anybody missed me yet?

Has anybody missed me? It has been eight days since my last post. First, I haven't felt super-great and so I missed a couple of days. Then, once out of the habit of posting everyday, it was hard to get back into it. And then, my sister started spending lots of time on the computer because she made it her mission in life to put every single cd we own into iTunes and onto our Ipods. She also wanted the album cover art on there, which required a bit of Googling etc. It all adds up.

Mostly, though, I must confess to apathy and laziness. I just didn't have that much to blog about. If you can imagine this--I still haven't actually watched the last Project Runway yet! I keep meaning to--but so far the Olympics has been winning. Not with me--the sister. She's obsessed with, wait for it....CURLING. Yes. Curling. The rock/ice version of shuffleboard. She can actually analyze the games now. She's even dvr-ing them. Now, I agree, the US team has some hot guys on the curling team but do I really need to understand the game strategy to appreciate their looks? I think not. I'm willing to settle for enjoying the aesthetics while muting the tv but not she who has control of the tv box. (The tv box--that's what we call the remote in our house. It all started with trying to get my niece to bring us the remote. She was two--we had to talk down a little and now, it's a habit. A stupid sounding one so there you go. Don't use baby talk, it's addictive. Next thing you know, people think you sound like a moron.) So since my tv life revolves around curling and I still haven't seen Project Runway and I haven't felt great lately--no blogging. Hopefully, now that I'm feeling better, I have notes about the Survivor episode, and I've been shopping I will have some bloggable topics.

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