Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Project Runway-Flower Power

I will be very interested in Tim's podcast which will hopefully explain how Daniel V. came to win yet again. Also, how Santino can design ugly and survive; while Andrae goes home because his design is "boring". Er, maybe I just answered my own implicit question.

These are the things I love and hate about PR. I love watching everyone scramble around to complete really difficult challenges with limited time and resources. (This one was the hardest yet, imo.) I hate not getting enough looks at the sketches and hearing about the process from the designers. (They need confessionals or something where the designers can spill their guts and from which the editors can pick tidbits to insert into the show at the appropriate moments.)I love the review of the outfits and the critiques by the judges. I hate that I don't hear more of what the judges really think. (Maybe the show should got to an hour and a half.) I love/hate that I care about who goes home. I love that Chloe and Kara survived especially after hearing the guys say at the beginning of the episode that they were competing amongst themselves as if Chloe and Kara didn't count at all. I hate that Kara and Chloe both had gorgeous designs which somehow didn't win because Daniel V. is the judge's golden boy. (I also think Andrae should have won last time, don't forget.) I love that Andrae said at the beginning that he wasn't going to be eliminated--thus, hoisted by his own petard. I hate that Tarah had to go home because Zulema stole her from Nick and then lost the next challenge. I love that the girls worked together to finish Chloe's design in beautiful feminine solidarity which is the antithesis of how women seem to behave in reality television. (Disagree? I offer the evidence of the Donald's Apprentice girl teams.) I love that Tim got to hear Santino doing his Timpression. I hate that we didn't get to watch his discomfort for longer. I hate that Michael Kors called Nick's design vulgar and implied that Nick has a vulgar edge frequently but didn't give examples. I love that the guest judges this week Badgley/Mischka appeared to have actually watched the show both this season and last and so were knowledgeable about the process.

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