Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good Girls Do

I just finished Cathie Linz' Good Girls Do this morning while waiting for the snow to be cleared outside. I'm glad I don't have anywhere to go. My review is a thumbs up for GGD. Good Girls Do is the story of Julia Wright a small town librarian. She was raised by a flaky new age mom, but craved structured her whole life. She's been living in Serenity Falls for three years enjoying the small town America culture and the predictability of the lifestyle. The book's plot centers around Julia's relationship with Luke Maguire the town bad boy, recently returned from the mysterious unknown to run the restaurant/bar his father left him. Luke is a fairly typical tortured hero--his childhood was miserable after his mother died--his father was abusive--he went into the Marines, Special Forces, and then undercover FBI work. Suffice to say, he's got issues. Julia does too, of course, especially after her flaky mother and sister and niece come to town. Wild and crazy antics ensue. The books is fast paced and funny but Julia and Luke have a nice connection and there are moments of sweetness that make it a satisfying romance. The town is competing for a top ten Best Small Town rating and the town's array secondary characters are charming and add color to the story. I will definitely buy the sequel Bad Girls Don't whenever it comes out. Based on this experience, I will enjoy Skye's story (Julia's belly dancer/yoga instructor sister).

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