Saturday, February 11, 2006

Santino's Collection

Santino’s Collection

Best of the collection, imho, to the left.
Worst of the collection, to the right.

--Bronze evening dress with satin skirt and lace on bodice.
--Chocolate leather knickerbockers with a chiffon chemise top in taupe.
--Mint green dress with darker olive green trim. The dress has a deep vee neckline. The whole dress is over-layered with chiffon to give it a floaty quality.
--Bronze metallic skirt with a darker brown strapless corset top with a heart shaped neckline.
--Gold satin dress, close cut, with a lace bodice. A short variation of dress 1.
--Chocolate/burgundy satin dress. The bodice is lace. The neckline is rounded or scoop necked.
--Taupe slacks with a filmy taupe tank. Topped with a short chocolate shawl.
--Pewter/violet satin mini dress. The skirt is full but there appears to be fabric between the model’s legs, like she’s wearing wide-legged culottes. This could be an illusion and it’s just a fold in the skirt. Even the second close-up picture of the outfit doesn’t solve this question for me. The dress is topped by a brown jacket with violet velvet-like stripes accenting the ¾ sleeves. The jacket has three large buttons down the front. The collar fastens with a button a tab overlap closure.
--Red satin evening dress. A variation on dress 1. The bodice is accented with red leather.
--Metallic gold skirt-very full. Topped by a leather top with gi-normous puffy sleeves. The bodice of the shirt is quite fitted and it covers all the models chest up to her neck where it ends in a little round collar.
--Taupe and mint green dress. It’s overlaid with chiffon for a floaty feel. The bodice is a strapless sweetheart neckline. There is a chiffon detail floating from a center position in the bodice.
--Sleeveless taupe dress, a vee-shaped neckline accented by some kind of lighter trim.
--Chiffon dress with pleats in green and taupe variegated fabric. The hem is crimped or ruffled somehow. The dress is done in two layers off-set.

Let’s count up the unique items we have: We have at least three of the 13 items being the same dress with different lengths or fabric. 1 pants outfit. 1 knickers outfit. 2 long gowns. 1 mini dress. 1 jacket. 1 shawl top. The rest of the skirts and dresses were knee length. 2 skirt sets. 9 of the 13 items arel dresses. 5 of the dresses are cut close to the body using satin fabric. 5 of the dresses are made with chiffon with a-line skirts that floated about the body. Color-wize we have 1 burgundy red dress, 1 mint green dress, and 1 violet dress; the rest of the collection was in shades of taupe, gold, bronze, and brown. Two dresses used a taupe and green variegated fabric.

This collection features some pretty dresses- the burgundy red/bronze evening dresses are fabulous. I love the leather knickerbockers pants too. There is really little of the Santino "originality" in evidence. I see his preference for the bodice which he used so much of in the show in the collection. I don’t hate the collection; I’m actually amazed by the prettiness of it. It’s just not what Santino implied we would get from him. I think I'd be reacting more if it was like Kara's. The "out on a limb, to heck with what all the plebians think, I'm doing my thing because I've got talent" defiance that Santino has shown so much of through the show is what is missing from the collection.

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