Saturday, February 04, 2006

This is why I don't go to bed early...

Sometime in the middle of last night, during my 2-4 am insomnia, I got up and posted a post about my insomnia. It wasn't high art, but I thought it was amusing and that my mythical reader would enjoy it.

When I awoke from the second part of my night's sleep, the 4-10:30 am part, I noticed a typo. I went into the guts of my blog to edit out that little one letter typo and poof! the entire entry just disappeared. It wasn't even listed as being a draft. Gone. Without a trace. (That would make a good name for a tv show.)

I've checked in time and again today, thinking that somehow the post is going to magically re-appear. Nutin'. I'm too lazy to re-create the blog and frankly, what gave the post it's unique flavor was the middle of the nightishness of it so I don't think a re-do would be the same.

So I considered; perhaps I should save my posts in a word file, just in case this ever happens again. Some of my recap posts are really long and take more than an hour to put together. I would be super-heated if I lost one of those after all that work. On the other hand I'm not exactly known for backing up stuff and being all prepared in the event of a disaster, so maybe I'll just post about the missing post instead. Yeah. I'll just post about it instead.

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