Sunday, February 12, 2006

Daniel's Collection

Daniel’s Collection

A suit with a black jacket with a white brocade pattern, paired with a short straight skirt with a tiny slit at the thigh.
A military style shirt waist in black. The shoulders have epaulettes or straps; the sleeve is ¾ with an open cuff. The buttons in the front opening extend down to the bikini area.
A white swing coat with a double row of gold buttons lending it a military flair. The collar is round, but stands up from the coat. The cuffs have a decoration that makes them look like they fold back with cuff links.
A pair of white pants with a center seam down each leg. The pastel green top is a sleeveless knit like shell with a wide vee-neckline with a lay down collar.
A black dress with a tightly fitted bodice. The skirt is cut close to the body and widens at the thigh. The bodice as five button details which form the letter V. The sweetheart neckline is finished with straps about an inch wide.
The black with white brocade fabric from the jacket in item one shows up in a short, straight skirt. The skirt is paired with a pastel green top with a slight cap sleeve and a mock turtle neck. The shoulders are padded. The waist of the shirt is highlighted with a light fabric horizontal stripe in green/white.
A pair of grey/white/tan/black plaid pants paired with the Chloe vest made into a top. The bodice of the best if filled in with tan pin-tucked fabric with a shirt collar. The tan sleeves are ¾ length.
A gold mini dress. It’s a longer version of the shirt in item six. A simple shift dress reminiscent of the 60’s with a vee neckline.
A pleated white skirt is paired with a dark brown vest, lined with fur. Under the vest is a long sleeve t-shirt in plum.
A pair of black pants with gold buttons down the sides is paired with a white wrap shirt with a contrasting pale green satin collar and belt. The rounded standup collar is like the collar seen on the swing coat.
A pair of black pants is paired with a black shirt with ¾ sleeves and a wide round neckline. The outfit is accessorized with a black leather purse which has a wooden handled shaped like an 8 and is accented by gold studs.
A black dress with long sleeves and a high shirt collar closed at the throat. The dress flares at the hem and shows lace at the sides. The dress is so dark no other details are discernable.
A chocolate brown dress is show up close so we don’t know if it is an evening dress or not. The V shaped button detail at the bodice is seen again. The dress seems to have chiffon layered over the top. The bodice has a deep vee neckline and straps about an inch wide.

So what can we say about Daniel’s collection. This is probably the most monochromatic of all the color palettes; black, white, pale green, and one use of gold. 4 pants sets—casual not dressy; 1 coat; 1?, evening gown; 3 skirts and tops and 4 dresses. Repeating elements were the V shaped button pattern, the rounded standup collar. The collection is classic and simple in the extreme. There is nothing in the collection that is ugly or unattractive or over the top. In fact, it’s almost too safe. Where’s is the couture look of the Orchid inspired outfit? The swing coat has gotten praised but it’s not really a unique piece—it’s been done by others. My favorite in the collection is the black jacket with the white brocade pattern paired with the short black skirt. It’s elegant and chic and wearable. The most boring thing in the collection is the black shirtwaist. I can’t understand why he would even include something so unoriginal. There’s nothing to make it different or unique from other shirtwaist dresses done by thousands of designers. The black is overdone in the collection, as well, imo.

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