Thursday, February 23, 2006

Project Runway Reunion

I watched the PR Reunion last night but I didn't take notes for blogging. Taking notes is kind of tiring and can interfere with enjoying the show. My reactions: first, I wish the show had been a two hour special because it seemed like it was over before it really began. All the thousands of people who put in questions for the designers at the PR website had to be disappointed because they only asked three or four of the questions. What a shame that one question was wasted on drunken Lupe. That incoherent bizarro moment should go down in PR history. Note to producers--don't have that cast meet at a bar before taping the show OR conduct sobriety tests before asking any participants to speak. I'm amazed that they didn't cut that from the show, it wasn't a live event so they could have gotten rid of it, right?. One wonders what they were thinking. Drunken ramblings aren't charming after all. I would have enjoyed the montages of things more if there had been more chat after showing them. The conversation wasn't fairly distributed either--spending so much time talking about how Santino thinks that saying nasty things is just part of the competition and isn't important, yada yada. People can only go by what they see and hear you say and do. Saying 'I'm nice' isn't convincing when all evidence and actions are to the contrary. I was disappointed that Kara didn't reveal her thoughts and feelings on being cut. 'I can't remember' it was so long ago isn't a very convincing. The rumor mill thinks Kara's collection might not be a decoy even though she's not a "finalist". We'll see in the next two weeks, I guess.

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