Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Borders Book Run

It's Tuesday so new books must be out. It's a light week for my list. This is what I bought: Susan Kearney's The Ultimatum; Gena Showalter's Jewel of Atlantis; Susan Sizemore's Master of Darkness; and Suzanne Enoch's An Invitation to Sin and Sin and Sensibility. I was hoping that Borders would have Enoch's Flirting with Danger the first book about Samantha Jellicoe and Richard Addison. If you remember I read the sequel first, Don't Look Down and loved it. Looks like I'll have to order Flirting with Danger on Amazon.com--always faithful. I also picked up the February edition of ELLE magazine. I thought I was buying the American version, turns out it was the UK edition. Now I'm an anglophile from way back, but it's useless for me to see fashions that are available in British stores because I don't have a trip to London planned anytime soon. Why are they even selling a UK edition here? Just so you know that I'm not a total moron--they had two versions of ELLE. I picked up the one with Madonna on the cover, checked the month, and then noticed the UK edition notation. So I put that one back on the shelf and picked up the one next to it with Scarlett Johansen? on the cover. I didn't bother to check where it was published from although I did notice that it, too, was a February magazine. I assumed (such a mistake as you know) that this one by process of elimination had to be the American version. So wrong, apparently. So again I ask the question--why are they selling TWO versions of ELLE in Borders, both from the UK? Huh?? Anybody???

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