Friday, February 10, 2006

Project Runway Fashion Week Finale

I've been hanging out at Blogging Project Runway on and off since I got home today getting the latest scuttlebutt. Laura has pictures up of the four collections presented by Chloe, Daniel, Kara, and Santino. She also has some great links to articles about the collections.

In one thread folks are discussing which designer is the decoy designer. I'm casting my vote for Kara as the decoy. I like her funky, colorful collection--so it's not a question of quality. But as others have pointed out; Chloe, Daniel and Santino each have three different PR models showing their dresses while Kara has only one--her original model. Also, one of Kara's dresses--the purple one with a different purple trim and a contrasting teal cumberbund type belt is identical in style, (but not color) to a dress that is on Kara's website as a part of her Fall 05 collection. It's listed in her store as the Kimono dress. Here's a brief description from the Kara Janx store:

"Supple, sexy jersey wrap dress cut to hug and flatter all of your curves. Kimono-inspired shape with wide contrast trim in a subtle but striking color combo. Long wrap ties can circle your waist twice; can be tied in front or back. Hits mid calf with 3/4 sleeves. 2 week back order. Available in brown with tan, grey with turquoise, fuchsia with pink, black with green, and brown with print."

I'm betting that the rules for the finale collections require the designers to show all new original designs. Reusing something that you've already presented wouldn't be acceptable. There you go, brilliant me, taking other people's deductions and making them my own! ;o) I was amazed and surprised by all the collections, even Santino delivered something with appeal. I wish that the photos we have of the designs were set up in a powerpoint type slideshow like they are on the New York Fashion Week website. It would make it so much easier to look them over and compare them.

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