Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chloe's Collection

Best of the collection, imho, to the left. Worst of the collection to the right.

1. Rose pink satin fitted dress; ¾ puff sleeves, vee-neckline with a jacket collar. The bodice has a belted crossover; the dress has a dropped waist with a full gathered skirt starting just below the hip. A little insert of gold satin in the vee-neckline adds an accent.
2. Green and gold floral leaf print chiffon mini-dress with a dropped waist. A rose pink satin belt accents the hip/dropped waist. The neckline is a halter which fastens at a collar around the neck.
3. A green and gold flora leaf chiffon evening dress (same fabric as dress 2). The bodice is deeply cut, vee-shaped fastened by spaghetti straps.
4. Rose pink satin mini dress; (same fabric as dress 1) the skirt; another dropped waist is made up of a wide box-pleat. The dress has a straight neckline which is covered by the bolero jacket with slim fitted ¾ sleeves. The dress is likely sleeveless and back-less without the jacket.
5. Gold satin fitted mini-dress with a bolero jacket. This dress takes elements from several of the other dresses. The dropped waist has a modified box pleat (1/2 the width of dress 4) The hem is asymmetric, the front being higher than the back. The bolero jacket has big puff sleeves similar to the sleeves in dress 1. The fabric has a pattern geometric pattern to the weave.
6. Our first pants suit is chocolate brown satin with a jacket. The pants are accented with a gold trim down the side, similar to a tuxedo pant. The one button jacet reveals a bit of stomach and neck/chest. The blouse underneath is chocolate brown lace with a stand-up ruffled collar. The sleeves of the jacket have a turn back cuff.
7. Gold satin baby doll dress. Frankly—it is reminiscent of Santino’s dress from episode one; the one made from muslin—but without all the trim and frou-frou.
8. Sleeveless sheath dress, very fitted in chocolate brown satin. It has a key-hole neckline slit about 6 inches deep. The dress flares at the thigh and has an underskirt of lace
9. An evening pants outfit. Chocolate brown palazzo pants with a dull bronze or taupe with lace overlay corset like top. The pattern on the top reminds me of the gold satin fabric used in dresses 5 and 7 but it’s not bright enough to be the same. The blouse is topped by a lacy shrug with short puff sleeves.
10. Royal blue satin dress. This dress has the jacket collar of dress 2, the fitted design of dress 8 with the flare out at the thigh, and long sleeves with turn back cuffs. In the next picture we see this dress walking away and it is entirely backless.
11. An evening gown made out of a light blue chiffon fabric with an olive green print. The bodice is accented with a darker blue satin trim which makes up the straps of the dress and underlies the empire waist.
12. Another evening gown made out of the light blue chiffon fabric with an olive green print. It has a drawstring halter neckline. The waist is accented by a darker blue satin cumber bund-type belt. The dress is topped by a blue satin shrug with large puff sleeves.
13. Another evening gown, in a dark blue/green satin. It is fitted with short cap sleeves and a vee-neckline. The cut is similar to dress 8 and 10.

So what do we have in Chloe’s collection? 8 of 13 outfits were made using satin. The rest were chiffon. The color palette was rose pink, green/gold print, chocolate brown with gold accents, royal blue, blue and green, and blue/green. I wish I knew the actual names for some of the unusual colors. There were 3 mini dresses; 4 evening dresses; 4 knee length dresses; and 2 pairs of pants. She used the big puffy sleeves in three designs. 4 designs had dropped waists. 3 dresses used the same fitted sheath construction with identical seaming in the front of the dress.

I liked every one of Chloe’s designs. The collection is heavily into evening wear. The gold fabric is a bit jarring so I’d rate them the lowest. The details and tailoring are sumptuous though.

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