Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blogging by remote..

I wondered as I drove home today if blogging by remote from whereever you are would be a good thing..I'm driving...I'm thinking...what if my thoughts could just appear in my blog through some weird telepathic connection? How cool would that be? So I begin the ponder my potential blogs...the Alito hearings....Project Runways latest obsession with House and the mini-marathon I watched of it on Tuesday night....why do people keep their Christmas lights up so long, it's January for pity's sake...I need to fill up the car, when should I do that now or tomorrow morning?'s dark now, I'll wait till morning...starting a new job in a new town is a lot of work, I'm actually working longer hours than in my old job even though I'm doing the same thing....if you're at a four way stop and there is no traffic to the east or west, can't the north-south traffic just go without waiting on each other...if nobody is turning left then there's no way to have an accident...people are such stupid it cellphones?...what about the last few books I've read...I could blog my review of them..the Jayne Ann Krentz was good...I can't wait for the new JD Robb...why can't they just release books whenever...I hate waiting for a certain date....

And then I had an epiphany. I realized that remote, telepathic blogging is a bad, bad idea. My brain is a mess! I'm a go with the flow, this makes me think of that, kind of person. My thought patterns are utterly disorganized and that's not even getting into the catty, nasty stuff that floats across the surface. No--thank goodness technology cannot yet transfer my thoughts directly to the blogspot. My blog's not the most interesting thing on the planet, although I'm givin' it the ole college try, but the detritus(I learned that word watching CSI in case you're wondering) floating through my brain unedited is much, much worse.

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