Saturday, January 21, 2006

This n That

I worked late Thursday and Friday of this week, and now I'm heading off to put in a few more hours. This information is for those who think educators work a shorter day than the rest of the population and never put in overtime. Paperwork, documentation, reports; those are things every professional can never keep up to date on without extra effort, I suspect. After I put a few hours in on lesson plans and averaging scores and documenting service provision, I'll be heading to Target to return my dvd of House. Think I can't return a dvd that's been opened? I'll bet they let me when I show them that my box contains two disk 1's and no disk 2, along side its disk 3. Thus, was ruined my ability to view the House episodes in order. Yes, I could have waited to watch disk 3 until I had exchanged the faulty set for the new hopefully perfect set, but I'm addicted to House and I couldn't wait. I mean it, I couldn't wait.

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