Sunday, January 08, 2006

Morning Meanderings

I check the blogs that I read everyday, most of the time after work. On the weekends, I might check the blogs I read several times a day depending on whether I'm on the go or just hanging out. I like the blogs I read. I like their authors even though I don't know them personally and I'm always on the look out for more blogs to read. Something about reading blogs feeds some inner curiousity of mine about the internal mental workings of others, as well as, how they spend their time. Blogs give us some insight into that by what topics people choose to write about and the things they share about what they do in their "real" life.

Following that line of thought, I try to blog something most days because hopefully someone is reading and I don't like to disappoint them when they visit by having nothing new to offer. That would be like someone dropping by your house unexpectedly and not having any refreshments to offer. Of course, blogging daily means sometimes the topics are frivolous, but since that's the stated objective of my blog, it would be stupid to obsess about it whether that makes me seem like a doofus.

This morning while I sat in the drive-thru at McDonald's waiting for my morning diet Coke, I noted the presence of seagulls. That is an unusual sight for a former midwesterner. I was charmed. Then I pondered how people who live by the water probably detest seagulls because they are a very aggressive bird. Still, I was charmed. Perhaps in time I, too, will dislike the seagull but for now, it's a very pretty bird that is graceful in flight.

My thoughts continued to meander down the path of the differences between Maryland and Illinois. Geography: Illinois is extremely flat in the central portion; Maryland seems to be a rug someone forgot to flatten the ripples out of. Population: I previously lived in twin cities of over 100,000 people, spread out over a flat space there was plenty of room for all; now, in the outer reaches of Baltimore County there are people everywhere and traffic is a phenomenon of significance. Weather: January used to be sub-zero temperatures and dread for the next snow; here, I've only scraped my window of frost once and I wore a courderoy jacket to work the other day.

What do I miss the most? What do I miss the most? Sonic Drive-In Restaurants. Ahh, let me wax poetic. Sonic has the best "fountain pop", as we call it in the midwest, of any restaurant. Lovely crushed ice, styrofoam cups that keep your drink cold longer and flavorings like vanilla. Oh, how I wish there was a Sonic in Maryland. Please Sonic people, build one? I miss Sonic so much, it seems perfectly reasonable to me that I should take a vacation just to go and stay by a Sonic indulging in my drink of choice, Vanilla diet Coke.

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