Friday, January 06, 2006

Project Runway-The Socialite Episode- The Live to Tape Blog

Having finally gotten the opportunity to watch my dvr of the Project Runway-Nicky Hilton episode, I attempted to low-tech "live-blog" it. Since I don't have a laptop, I used an old fashioned pad and pen and took notes as the show played. Here are my observations extemporaneously:

Nicky Hilton claims " standards are high and my taste is exquisite..." no wonder Santino wins--that's the kind of egotism he brings to the show. Frankly, I've seen pictures of NH at events wearing things that refute that claim.

So, the challenge is to design a dress with $150.00 which will be appropriate for a run carpet and fit Nicky Hilton's persona.

Santino--"I can make $150.00 look like $150,000.00" Riiiiight---all those ruffles and braids you like to throw on must really drive the apparent cost of a garment up.

Marla realizes right away that her pre-ideas of what a socialite would wear aren't any good and won't work because they are things she would wear. The fact that this idea is a revelation to her is a little disturbing. Oy, the woman's haircut is dreadful--it's a safe bet even NH wouldn't wear something Marla would wear.

Kara realizes right away that it's all about keeping the client happy. Well, she's the first to verbalize that idea anyway.

30 minutes to sketch and 30 minutes to buy. Oh, the pressure for some. And what was that outfit Emmett was wearing? It looked like a ice cream vendor suit or maybe Captain Kangaroo, but I only got a glimpse. This episode is flying by with all my notetaking and catty comments.

Andrae's idea is to make a dress that won't be noticed. Hmm...that's a little tricky. Don't most fashionistas like to be noticed for what they're wearing? I'm pretty sure Sarah Jessica Parker wants people to notice her dress. Of course, she has talent, so maybe Andrae is right.

Zulema wants to design something that sets her apart. Yep, leather and chiffon are definitely going down a different road.

We lose valuable dress making time with the dress form fight of 2005. Unfortunately, nobody attacks Santino. ::sigh:: What a disappointment.

Diana interacts with Tim. He's puzzled. So am I. The little bit of fabric she has sewn looks weird and the taped lines things on her dress form, what's up with that? Is this lingerie bondage redux? Oh, but the sketch is beautiful.

Lupe wants to test the boundaries. Hey--even if I hadn't known she was going to go that would have been a BIG cue--watch out, loser here! What were those famous words uttered by Raymundo? I want to de-sex little girl fashion? Ignoring the challenge mandate seems to be the road that leads to "out"-ville.

So far nothing about Emmett but the glimpse of his outfit while buying fabric.

Daniel V. crisis--great pink print --uh oh---BROWN fabric. Quel horreur! He's going to rely upon the kindness of near-strangers to get the black fabric he needs for his design. That's probably over-optimistic of him.

First look at Chloe's design--seems very reminiscent of her dress from the party clothes. Maybe it's just the blue and black color palate.

Lupe--that's just weird. Blue flowers, ugly green trim and I'm not even going to mention the stuff happenin' on the booty.

Santino--first look--ugh. This wins? It's derivative. Braid and junk all over the bodice with a flowy skirt. Scarily similar to dress number one from the muslim challenge and with hints of party outfit. Nice color though. But wait, he's going to wear stilletos to the party, shoes always get you the sale.

Emmett--first look-it's nice.

Chloe's model is in her dress and all I can see is bony chest. Lots of bony chest. Feed that model for pity's sake.

Party Time:

Daniel V. very intelligently goes in to NH first and his dress has turned out great! I love the fabric. The little bit of black (who gave him that I wonder?) contrast really pops. I love everything about this dress and it suits NH's body type well.

Santino is smarm-city. Handing out his card. He's working it. She seems to love his dress.

Nick does well. His dress speaks for itself. Well cut. Well made. Striking color. I agree with his discomfort about having to 'sell' the dress to NH.

Andrae's jersey dress is a total surprise. I love it. Great sparkly fabric, beautiful cut, the ribbon straps are great.

Kara's baby-doll/empire waist in black. Nice, but well, you know--it's black. It's an empire. What's to say.

Diana's looks fussy. The texturizing of the fabric isn't shown to best advantage.

Chloe gets good reviews for her braid. I love how NH jumps in with how she's using braid in her Chick line. Uh--how'd she get to be a designer--oh, yeah, she's rich. Wonder if she realizes she is in a room with real designers, excluding Marla.

Dirty Diana- I love it. She's a good dancer and she looks fab in her sparkly tunic with jeans.

Zulema's dress is striking. I like the stark contrast of white and black. The leather/chiffon contrast doesn't really stand out through the medium of tv. I think the bodice is a little skimpy though.

Lupe outed Marla's copycat dress. Wonder if that counted against her in the end? Lupe's explanation of her dress is bizarro. Japanese inspired? In what way? And the color palatte is awful.

On the runway- hit the link to see the real thing.

Nick-great, sophisticated, good color, beautiful draping
Santino-same ole same ole
Marla-how could you pretend this was an original design? Dreadful
Chloe-pretty but shades of same ole same ole
Diana-looked better on the runway than at the party, you missed the skirt detail at the party
Kara-baby doll/empire somewhat similar to Emmett's although the bodice is a halter
Daniel V-LOVE IT!
Emmett--great fabric.
Zulema-good but that bodice is skimpy and the gathering in the front seems crooked
Lupe-Ugh. The back is a mess, the color is awful.
Andrae-Pretty. Great fabric.

Lots of flowy-uneven skirts. Diana, Emmett, Kara, Marla, and Santino all had similar style skirts.

Defense of the dresses:

Lupe-it's about texture, detachable things to personalize (although these particular flower things are not detachable) and it's japanese influenced. Maybe the Japanese ought to formally protest the repetitious slander of their influence through their embassy or something.
Expert Comments: "idea too far", "alot going on", "too much trim, ruffles"

Marla-acts surprised everytime she's told she ripped of the dress from the portfolio. Is she impaired? Her bad haircut leads me to think so.

Diana-played with pattern and texture, belt adds chic.
Comments: "bottom not flattering, people might think you have a big butt"

So,in the end the rationale between Lupe vs. Marla was that Lupe's dress would have put Nicky Hilton on the worst dress list, while Marla's would simply be considered boring and derivative. It's not great, but it is a reason. I think Marla should have gone because even ugly was original and Marla doesn't have the skills necessary to advance in the competition.

Now explain why Santino won. Personality? Clearly NH did not spend enough time with him. Maybe it was all the sucking up he did at the party while Nick was uncomfortable with NH. I don't think Nick should be disappointed about his "loss". It's all about staying for another week and he did with a design of which he can be proud.

Whew--this taped "live-blogging" of PR is exhausting!


nina said...

... I deliberately skimmed this. My (adult) daughter regards P.R. as the best of best TV shows. On her word alone, I will get a hold of the entire first season (now on DVD) and watch it straight through. At least that is the plan.


Okay, I got curious and read your post after all. I'm hooked even though I have yet to watch this.

Robin said...

Excellent! My plan for the weekend is to marathon season one so I can have double the PR fun.