Friday, January 13, 2006

Project Runway Redux

I keep thinking about how few designers are left. I hate that we lost two in one week. What a waste! It's not like the Apprentice where multiple firings are a relief because you are starting to dislike so many of the candidates. This is a cool show! More designers means more designs to critique. Duh! Oh, why didn't I become a tv producer? Seems like the people who make shows don't actually watch tv so they don't understand what the tv viewer is looking for in their entertainment.

(Believe me, if they did there wouldn't be all these dreadful final episodes in series. I'm still scarred by the finale of Quantum Leap. I shouldn't let myself get started, but I'm still sick about poor Sam leaping from lifetime to lifetime and never getting to go home and the leaps getting harder. Oy, what a crappy ending that was--I cried for hours. But I digress, as a warned you I often do.)

Anyway, returning to my point...I keep remembering how Zulema was shown in a clip at the beginning of the series asking for a model walk-off. That means she wins one of the remaining episodes and one of the following: Nick, Santino, Emmett, Chloe, Daniel, Andrae, or Kara will be eliminated instead. (Is that everyone?) That's kind of amazing to me. In my guesstimation, the elimination order would be the following: Next, Kara-she seems to be losing it; Emmett--his reputation is the next weakest OR Zulema--I haven't forgotten the show your keister dress; Santino--purely wishful thinking; Andrae--he seems weaker than Daniel V.; and a toss up between Chloe, Nick or Daniel V. for the final two designers. That's how I feel right now, anyway--it's subject to change with each new tidbit revealed.

So, will Zulema win the ice skating challenge? "On Thin Ice" is next, that doesn't really seem like Zulema's forte, but I can't really see her outlasting more than just Kara or Emmett. I wish I could remember some of the really nasty comments made by the panel about the ice skating dress during the runway Q & A in the previews. Someone made a really vulgar dress--Santino? Ordinarily I'd pick Zulema (yep, the bare butt thing still) but I know she still has to win one before she goes. According to my cable info button the next after next episode is called " Inspiration" and the description says that the remaining designers find inspiration from their surroundings. That gives no clues as to who might be stronger competitors in the challenge because it is still pretty barebones.

Ah well, thus is my drive-time entertainment, pondering the mysteries of Project Runway. Btw, I've decided to hold off on watching Season One of PR, so as to not confuse the two seasons and to extend my viewing pleasure timeline.

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