Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Memory in Death

Seven more days till the latest JD Robb , the alter ego of Nora Roberts, arrives in bookstores. I'm eagerly awaiting Memory in Death, the latest in the continuing story of Eve Dallas and Roarke. I read a review somewhere...All About Romance, maybe? that gave some great hints about what 's coming. Roarke's take-no-prisoners approach to protecting Eve shows up. Yeehaw!

Last year my twin sister moved to Maryland ahead of me and I lived alone for six months for the first time in twenty years. It was a difficult time. Part of my coping strategy was re-reading the In Death series. I started with what was then the latest release and then I read the series in reverse, backwards. Now that was freaky! Reading about things that were past but in the current book were future events. I've never done that before what with my need to see it, and read it, in sequence- OCD- thing. Anyway, finally I got to the beginning of the series but I still wasn't ready to let the characters go and so I read the series forward to the end again. This, admittedly, odd behavior got me through two months of deep winter and living alone but for my sick cat. Re-reading a book series like In Death, it really is like visiting old friends, you open up the page and suddenly you are hanging out with people that you know well from all the hours spent with them.

So, seven days to go..wish I didn't have to wait.


Queen of the Land said...
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Queen of the Land said...

I just finished the book and it is fab! I too soothe the wait between books rereading them in order. J.D. Robb has set quite the high bar and I have just not been able to find an equal!