Thursday, January 12, 2006

Project Runway-Window Shopping

I was pretty tired last night, and I intended to go to bed and watch Project Runway on dvr today. My sister, however, had different ideas and once I saw the start of the show I couldn't leave. I was in a state of nervous tension at first that Chloe and Emmett would go but as the show proceeded I began to see that they were doing fine compared to the train wrecks happening with the other teams.

My first favorite outfit was Daniel V. & Andrae's dropped waist dress and white jacket combo which was very pretty and perfectly appropriate for both work-wear and an evening event. My second favorite was Chloe and Emmett's reversable jacket and halter/skirt combo, which was lovely and clever! Their model did a great job showing the jacket too, she was very smooth in the transition. It was dressier than Daniel and Andrae's outfit so perhaps that's why it wasn't as popular with the BR crowd. (I do wonder how many votes they actually got altogether, that box looked kind of empty to me.) Next, I loved Kara and Zulema's dress, and agreed with the judges that the jacket thing was just wierd-looking. I was appalled by the latest from the duo of Santino-I'm-the-king-of-the-world/Nick-I'm C.O.A. because I told him it was too much. That outfit was just odd looking. What's up with the bat-wing things. Don't be insulting Japanese fashion by saying they inspired you to throw flaps of fabric on the skirt! Finally, Diana/Marla never really had a chance. Diana just never seemed capable of working outside her wierd math/science inspired fashions to do something that would work for BR and Marla didn't bring anything to the table at all. Why did they do Diana's design if Marla was never on board with it? Could it be that Marla had NO idea, so any idea of Diana's was better? Diana needs to develop some certainty of vision. She became wishy-washy in the end and that didn't fix the problem Look how being full-steam-ahead pulled Zulema and Kara out of the line of fire.

I'm pleased with the outcome of the show because I think the right people went. Some faith has been restored in the integrity of the show in the last two weeks. I took delight in Santino's humiliation, especially after all the mean things he has said about others. I don't understand why Nick thought he'd be better off with Santino than with Emmett. Especially since he'd already worked with Santino and knew his limitations in collaboration. Was there some kind of strategy behind it? I suppose Nick may agree that Emmett is one of the weaker designers but that really hasn't played out on the runway. When has Emmett had to suffer through defending his designs? He's always been solidly in the middle of the pack.

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