Thursday, January 12, 2006

House-the continuing obsession

I dvred two episodes of House either Monday or Tuesday (who can remember exactly when, it's Thursday already) and then the latest new episode as well, which meant, to my joy, that I got to watch House for three straight hours, less fast-forwarding through the commercials. I love this show so much, especially the character of Gregory House that I watch in spite of my hypocondriac tendencies which should send me screaming to the doctor with symptoms that I see on the show AND in spite of the fact that the actor who plays House (I'm too lazy to look up who it is) has a slight speech impediment. We speech language pathologists just don't do well when watching adults with uncorrected speech errors. I ordinarily would notice it everytime he says a word with a ch or sh sound. I usually would yearn to fix it. But yet, I love that grouchy genius and smart-mouth doc so much that I turn a blind eye to it. That's obsession, folks.

Now my big problem is that I'm seeing the show episodes out of order and if you've read my profile you know that something I just don't like. So--I'm gonna have to buy Season One on dvd. I'm trying to be good but it's just a lost cause. Obsessions rule, that's why they're called obsessions. I'm confused about too many elements in the show to tolerate it anymore. For instance, when did the new chairman of the board come on the scene? Is he still around? Why is Foreman being called House's boss? These are questions I need the answers to and I'm not waiting for the once a week episode on the USA network to give them to me. They should have House on every night like they do Law & Order. I wonder where I can write that suggestion to USA network?


AnonymousBlogger said...

Wednesday is always fun because we all gather at school and talk about the lastest House episode. It's maybe the only show we can all agree is great.

Robin said...

Lucky you! No one at my work watches it. It's incredibly frustrating. I keep talking the show up but no one is taking the bait. I'm convinced people watch more tv than they admit to, but the folks at my work are sticking with the "I'm too busy" claim.