Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jayne Ann Krentz-All Night Long

I finally got my turn to read the new Jayne Ann Krentz, All Night Long on Sunday. Usually I read new books first because I read faster than my sister. Unfortunately, she found the book in Barnes & Noble first, so that gave her dibs. It took her forever, too. I think we bought the book Thursday night and she didn't finish it until late Saturday. That drove me crazy. Anyway--I enjoyed it. The heroine was a journalist on a mission to solve a mystery that seemed related to a tragic event in her life. She had a serious phobia about the dark which was different. The hero was an alpha male, former marine and a philospher. Just the kind of hero I like, complicated. It was a fun read and I devoured it quickly. I started Sunday morning and finished by early evening and that's with some blogging in-between. I'm still a little peeved about not getting to read it first. Slow readers, like slow drivers, should allow faster drivers and readers to pass instead of hogging the road.

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