Friday, January 27, 2006

Same Same Santino

I have been surprised that nobody has called out Santino for his persistent use of the same style of bodice with skirt and adornments in several of his designs. Wondering if my memory was not serving me well, I reviewed all of Santino's designs. It appears to me that Santino can't make a dress unless he makes a fitted bodice and adds a gathered skirt.

Week One-the muslin dress. I don't know all the dress terminology but I see a 'baby-doll' or empire waisted dress with some kind of ruched trim making up the decoration of the bodice and acting as straps for the dress. The rag things hanging of the sides of the skirt are kinda different.

Week two: the clothes off his back became a leather skirt and a bustier-type top made out of what was his shirt. The bodice is heart-shaped and there is ruching down the front panel. This might be the most original design of the set for my money.

Week three: the Barbie dress in shades of purple. The bodice is accented by a tie in the center--a decoration which is repeated twice. The dress gives an impression of ruching although that may be a fit problem. Note the way the skirt is attached to the dress, with the seaming out and visible rather than hidden. The trim is in the shoulder straps reminds me of week one dress but the Barbie hair hides it somewhat. The skirt is point-y like a handkerchief skirt but not floaty.

Week four: Painful deer tormenting week. The trim lavishly applied to the bra and panties seems to again duplicate whatever trim Santino learned how to make back in the day when he learned to sew. It could be actual lace though. Maybe.

Week five: This week's dress is pretty but the bodice brings back memories of the bodices from week one, two, and three put together. The center gather provides form-fit and the trim has gone wild on top, although admittedly, the cord is a new touch. We see the heart-shaped neckline in its asymetric form for the first time here. The little knotted bow thingy in the center is just like the Barbie dress. Seriously, am I imagining that seen in a sequence the designs are not that fantastically different from week to week?

Week six- we will not include because it was collaborative with Nick which is the only reason the bodice is a halter, I believe.

Week seven: also known as weeping turkey week. Turkeys who gave up themselves--their feathers--only to be disrespected for their sacrifice. Note the ruched or gathered bodice. The skirt attached so that the seam and it's gathers are shown. It's also the third pointy-type, hankerchief hem if anyone's counting. (and I am.)

Week eight- Inspiration week. And Santino's inspiration is a dress that looks like it was inspired by all the things that had previously seemed to work in his other designs. The gathered skirt with the seam attached so that it showed. The bodice is practically right of the silver dress from week five. Asymetrical bodice--cups off-center, twisty scarf like trim wrapped and pinned down.

Now if I were more energetic, I'd do this very same thing with all the other designers sets. I am lazy however, and I still haven't written my synopsis of the Inspiration week show.


Elizabeth said...

Actually, this is exactly what I'm doing in my lj right now, I'm interested that somebody else noticed!

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Robin said...

Way cool! Great minds think alike. ;o) Love your site.